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Pet Resume

Pet Resume


A pet resume is a responsible pet owner's most powerful tool when applying for rental properties. Pet resumes provide an opportunity to present potential landlords and property managers with a summary of your animal's best qualities and examples of your responsibility as a pet owner. Pet  resumes may help you overcome any prejudices or previous negative experiences that a landlord may have about pets.

Your pet resume could include a description of characteristics of your pets that make them good neighbours, how you keep your pets free of infectious disease and parasites, and how you take care of wastes from your pets.




What can I include in a pet resume?


  • Description of your pets breed, age, activity level, and temperment
  • Characteristics that make your pets suitable for city living
  • Something special about your pets' personalities
  • Examples of your pets' good behaviour
  • Obedience training, include certificates if available
  • Flea and external parasite prevention
  • Intestinal parasite prevention
  • How pet urine and faeces are cleaned up and disposed of
  • Whether your cats use scratching posts or mats
  • Where your pets will be kept on the property
  • Vaccination status
  • Desexing status
  • References from your veterinarian and pet trainer
  • References from previous landlords and/or neighbours
  • Microchip and registration
  • Pet insurance or health insurance
  • Beautiful photos of your pets
  • Arrangements for taking care of your pets when you are at work or out of town
  • If you have multiple animals describe how well they get along, and how they keep each other company when you're not home
  • Work experience in the veterinary industry, pet care, pet training, animal rescue, animal protection societies


Rent With Pets pet resume example:


Rent With Pets pet resume