Connecting Responsible Pet Owners
with Pet Friendly Landlords and Property Managers

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Managing Pet Friendly Properties

Managing a pet friendly property?


Managing a rental property with more occupants, whether human or animal involves hard work.  Providing a value added service is worth the effort.  The rewards of exposing your vacant property to a wider tenant market, lower tenant turnover, as well as increased financial return will more than compensate for the extra work.  The rewards of happier tenants sharing their lives with animals that may otherwise have ended up in shelters are priceless.


Selecting for a responsible pet owner tenant (with well-behaved pets) who takes care of your property allows landlords and property managers to enjoy the rewards of long term tenancy +/- increased rental return with minimal increase in workload.


Satisfied and happy tenants are more likely to become loyal, long term tenants which can decrease your work of managing the property in the long run.