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How to Find Good Tenants

How do I find and screen for good responsible tenants?  How do I increase my tenant base?


There are many good ways to increase your tenant base, ie. the number of tenants that are interested in your property.  Rent With Pets offers the following tips to help you use our website to increase your tenant base:




Market Research

Find out what the majority of tenants in your area are looking for in a rental property and give them options to get what they want. Do tenants prefer two or three bedroom, do they want furnished or unfurnished properties?  How much are they willing to pay for extra services?  Good tenants are a property investor's valued customers who can help you reach your financial goals.  By giving your customers what they want, not only are customers happy to pay for it, many will become loyal long term tenants as well.

Rent With Pets collects data about what our tenants are looking for, and we are happy to share this information with our property managers and landlords.  Please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for access to our tenant data.


Flexible rental options

Have the flexibility of different options to attract a wider tenant base.  Some options like furniture may by expensive to provide, but you can recover these costs in the rent plus take advantage of tax deductions. Offer tiered pricing for features that will appeal to some tenants and not others. Furniture and pets are major deal breakers for many tenants.  Many expatriates and short term contractors prefer furnished properties, and are happy to pay for it. Tenants with pets may only consider pet friendly rental properties that are safe and secure for the furry members of their family. Recent research shows that pet owning tenants are happy to pay $25-$35 more per week for their rental property


Promotion and social media

Get the word out in as many different ways as you can.  Advertise in different mediums to increase the number of people that find your listing.  In addition to listing your pet friendly rental property on our website, Rent With Pets also shares listings on our powerful social media platforms, reaching a potential audience of millions.  Do you self manage or use a property manager?  Where are you listing your property? How else can you increase the market exposure of your property?  Are agents showing it at convenient times for your potential tenants?  The wider your tenant base, the more good tenants you have to choose from.

                                     tenant selection and screening



Property Manager

1. Use a good property manager/agent to help you choose a good tenant among all the people that expressed interest in your property.  Property managers can save landlords a lot of time - from buying insurance, advertising, showing properties, reference checks, credit checks, tenant blacklist checks, reviewing pet resumes, responding to maintenance requests, inspections, etc.  Property managers can also screen tenants for a fraction of the cost that it takes landlords to do it themselves. 

If you don't have a property manager you can find a property manager on Rent With Pets by geographic location.


Responsible behaviours

Find out how responsible your potential tenants are.  Tenants that show responsible behaviour in some areas of the lives are usually responsible in other areas of their lives. Apart from credit checks, rental references, and work references, Rent With Pets offers unique tools to help you select a responsible tenant.  Our comprehensive responsible pet owner checklists can help you assess how well tenants look after their animals, and how likely they are to do the same for your properties.


Responsible pet owners make ideal tenants

Select responsible pet owner tenants.  Responsible pet owners want the absolute best for their pets. They are happy to pay for the best home, food, training, veterinary care, etc.  Responsible pet owners want their pets to be healthy, happy, and live in a clean and secure environment.  We have some responsible pet owners that will even offer to pay for secure fences for their dogs, at no cost to landlords, so that their pets can be safe and secure. It is very rare to find a responsible pet owner having loud and destructive parties or destroying your property, as these activities would disturb their pets.


The Australian Companion Animal Council has a useful brochure "Tenants With Pets" that helps landlords and property managers manage pet friendly rental properties. It outlines 10 reasons for considering pets, guidelines for pet friendly tenancies, and busts common myths about pets in rental properties.


Responsible Pet Owner Checklist

- Pet Insurance

- Pet Resume

- Veterinary references

- Obedience training (dogs)

- Desexing (dogs, cats, rabbits)

- Flea and external parasite treatment

- Worming and internal parasite treatment

- Vaccination against infectious disease

- Microchip and registration

- How will the pets be  good neighbours

- How pet wastes are disposed of

- Arrangements for animals when tenants are at work

- Arrangements for animals when tenants are out of town


Tenant Check

National tenancy database

is used by many reputable property managers to screen tenants. Useful information that can be found on this database include identity verification, credit history, rent default, etc.


Landlords who wish to self manage their properties and check potential tenants themselves can use this service


Social media check

Social media information about potential tenants  is often freely volunteered on facebook and google+  Do your tenant's social media photos show that they keep their homes clean and tidy?  Do their posts reflect a kind, happy and peaceful mind?  Can social media verify what tenants say on their rental application?  Social media is a useful tool that many property managers overlook in tenant screening.