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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all pet owners responsible?


Pet owners come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. There are responsible pet owners whose pets are well behaved, don't make a mess in the house, loved by neighbours, and a pleasure to be around.  There are also irresponsible tenants who allow their pets to ruin carpets, scratch doors and walls, chew furniture, disturb neighbours, and dig holes in gardens.   


Many responsible tenants leave no trace of their pets, and leave rental properties at the end of tenancies in a cleaner condition than before.  Some tenants secreting animals in “no pets” leases are so clean that property managers can't even detect any evidence of pets at rental inspections.  Other pet owners offer to pay for minor improvements (eg. fixing fences and gates) out of their own pockets that add value to your investment property.


Screening for Responsible Tenants

The key to a successful pet friendly tenancy is to select responsible people that will look after your property, whether they have pets or not.  Generally when people are responsible in one area of their lives, they will be responsible in other areas as well.  There are many ways of assessing how responsible a potential tenant is, with rental references, credit ratings, and work/school references.



Responsible Pet Owner Screening Tools

Responsible pet ownership is also a great way of assessing how responsible a potential tenant is.  Measurable criteria of pet ownership is a good way of assessing how responsible a potential tenant for your pet friendly rental property is. Rent With Pets recommends using these guidelines to help you screen and select for responsible tenants "How to Find Good Tenants". Tenants that insure, desex, train, and regularly deflea/deworm their animals are most likely to be responsible tenants.  Most responsible pet owners are happy to volunteer this information in pet resumes.


Unfortunately these additional tenant screening tools are not available for assessing tenants that don’t own pets.  It makes sense to find your next tenant on Rent With Pets, as we have the tools to help you select responsible tenants who will look after your investment properties. Our listings contain handy checkboxes for responsible pet ownership criteria that your tenants need to meet.