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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I struggling to rent with my pets? Is there a shortage of pet friendly rental properties? 


Australia is unlike many other western countries.  In Europe and certain parts of Canada, pets are welcome in most rental properties. Over 60% of Australian households have pets, yet pet owners in Australia find that the availability of pet friendly rental properties is very low.  It is very challenging for many pet owners to find a pet friendly rental home, even though they have a good rental history and the pets are well behaved and well taken care of.  Ironically the majority of Australian landlords have at least one pet.   Australian landlords love pets as much as tenants do.


Rent With Pets surveyed landlords about pets in rental properties.  We found that the majority of landlords are happy with their tenants keeping pets, but can’t afford the extra pet friendly maintenance needed as part of their landlord responsibilities.  Eg. replacing carpets with pet urine and pet hair, fixing chewed doors, patching holes in fences, replanting grass killed by acidic pet urine, flea treating the entire property before the next tenant can move in. All these costs add up, especially for negatively geared properties where the rent doesn’t even cover the mortgage payments.


When given the choice (for the same rent), landlords naturally prefer applications that have fewer tenants, and tenants who they think will cause the least wear and tear.  However, when tenants are happy to contribute to the cost of maintaining the property, and can show they are willing to look after the property to minimize damage, 4 out of 5 landlords will be happy to accept their pets.



Many landlords have property managers professionally manage the properties.  The majority of properties with pets do require more time to manage. Arranging for more frequent repairs or maintenance, chasing tradespeople that haven’t turned up, responding to neighbours’ concerns about pet tenants, more frequent home inspections, etc  takes up valuable time.  Naturally, most property managers select for tenants who they feel can minimize their work of managing the property, unless they are financially compensated for the extra work by the landlords or tenants themselves. The less time property managers need to manage one property, the more time they have to focus on the many other properties that need attention.


Another common reason for landlords to refuse pets in their properties is previous negative experiences with a tenant’s pet.  Undisciplined animals, animals left alone for long periods of time, and animals that are unsuitable for certain properties can potentially cause thousands of dollars of damage. This is usually not a problem with responsible pet owners, who make great efforts to make sure that their pets are well behaved and good neighbours.  Landlords would love to be able to set guidelines for what pets are most suitable for their properties, as well as select responsible pet owner tenants that will take care of their properties.  Rent With Pets offers landlords the choice to set guidelines for their four legged tenants. We also provide guidelines to help our pet friendly landlords screen for the most responsible pet owners, the ones who are more likely to take good care of rental properties. 


Rent With Pets addresses all of these reasons and offers both landlords and tenants more choice.