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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my property suitable?

I am not sure if my rental property will be suitable for pets. Can I advertise my vacant property on Rent with Pets?


Absolutely!  Most tenants searching for homes on Rent With Pets are looking for pet friendly properties.  If you are not sure if a responsible pet owner tenant is right for your property you are welcome to list it on Rent With Pets and see how potential tenants feel about your property. There is no obligation to accept a tenant with pets, if there is another tenant shows that they can look after your property better. Many responsible pet owners have made minor improvements (with landlord’s permission of course) to rental properties out of their own pockets to make it more suitable for their pets to live in.  One tenant even installed a secure perimeter fence for the property owner to say “thanks for allowing my dogs to live on your property”.  Such improvements certainly add value to the property, and at no cost to the landlord.



Increase your property advertising reach

You are welcome to advertise any vacant property you like on Rent With Pets, to increase exposure of your property in the rental market and/or take advantage of Rent With Pets’ unique property advertising services.  Each property advertised will also be shared on our facebook and twitter pages, to further increase the exposure for your vacant property.





Property Managers with monthly subscriptions that have a mixture of pet friendly properties, and other types of properties are welcome to upload all available properties on Rent With Pets.   

Advertise as many properties as you like. We do not exclude any vacant property that you want to advertise.  You’ve paid for the monthly subscription and Rent With Pets wants you to get the most out of your subscription.  If you feel that Rent With Pets is not suitable for your property managing business, you’re welcome to cancel your subscription at any time.