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Benefits of Rent With Pets Listings

What are the benefits of listing properties on Rent With Pets?



Double your tenant pool and decrease tenant turnover

Over 60% of tenants prefer a pet friendly rental property. Most Australians consider pets as part of the family.


                                     Rent With Pets features and benefits

Increase your property management revenue by up to $14,000 a year.

Did you know that many tenants are happy to pay $25-35/week higher for a pet friendly rental?

If you manage 100 properties and charge your landlords 8%, this could be $14,000 per year in additional income from property management fees.

All listings on Rent With Pets can accommodate rental price differentials for different types of tenants (no pets, pet friendly, furnished vs unfurnished).



Increase exposure of property management office on Rent with Pets

Your office gets a property profile page, top 10 property listing property managers are featured on our front page. 

All our property listings are actively shared across different social media platforms to increase exposure at no extra cost to you.

=>This can result in over 600 additional impressions per listing.



Upload listings quickly and efficiently. 

We accept REAXML listings for fast upload to Rent With Pets.

Let us know which CRM you use and we can arrange to have your listings feed to our site within 3 working days. 

Alternatively, we are happy to copy pet friendly rental listings onto our site without you having to do anything. 



Responsible tenants without the risk of pet damage.  

Concerned about renting to tenants with pets?  I don't blame you!

Choosing the wrong tenants can be costly but the fact is, most pet owners are responsible and with a little extra screening you can quickly weed out the bad ones.

Our free online tenant screening checklist helps you to pick clean, loyal, responsible, pet loving tenants 


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