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About Us


Rent with Pets was founded by a Sydney based veterinarian with a passion for the human-animal bond. We connect responsible pet owners with pet-friendly landlords and property managers.  We encourage property managers, landlords, and tenants to work together in an honest and open environment to look after animals responsibly in loving homes. Rent With Pets is a friendly online environment where pet lovers who choose to rent a home can feel normal in our community.




Australia is a nation of animal lovers.  Did you know that pets outnumber people in Australia? According to research by the Animal Health Alliance, 63% of Australian households have pets. A survey of tenants in 2011 revealed that "pet friendly" swayed the decision of over 60% of tenants when choosing a rental property. There is  high demand for pet-friendly rental properties in Australia (> 60% of Australian tenants prefer a pet-friendly home, whether or not they currently have a pet). Currently less than 10% of rental properties are advertised  as pet friendly.  Rent With Pets' mission is to increase the number of pet friendly rentals in Australia.  We aim to prevent animals from being euthanised or surrendered to shelters due to difficulty finding pet friendly rental properties.


The personal, psychological, social, health, and community benefits of the human-animal bond are widely available in literature  and most of us have experienced first hand the joys of living with pets. 


The benefits of living with pets are well documented in the strata community.  Pets contribute to healthy neighbourhoods, encourage interaction between neighbours,  and give people a sense of community.


Looking after animals gives people opportunities to be kind to those weaker than ourselves. Kindness is one of the causes of happiness.  Why not choose tenants that are kind and happy?


Rent With Pets offers more choice and innovative options in rental property advertising. We also collect and share current data about where we have strong demand for rental properties.


Rent With Pets can help tenants find the ideal pet friendly rental home for you and your pets. We have useful resources to help tenants increase the chances of renting a pet friendly home.


Tenants can search for pet friendly properties, register for free email property alerts, learn how to make a rental application stand out, find useful tips about how to take care of pets responsibly, find local veterinarians, etc.