Connecting Responsible Pet Owners
with Pet Friendly Landlords and Property Managers

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Who is Rent With Pets for?

Who is Rent With Pets for?


Rent With Pets is ideal for responsible pet owners who:

  • ·         Want to rent pet friendly properties in Australia


  • ·         Recognise that having pets in rental properties is a privilege in Australia. Landlords that accept pets are providing a value added service.


  • ·         Prefer to disclose details about their pets to landlords and property managers rather than mislead landlords about animals on a lease.


  • ·         Respect the landlord’s decisions about the types of pets that are suitable or unsuitable for a landlord’s property.


  • ·         Keep pets clean, well behaved, and free of internal and external parasites.


  • ·         Understand that landlords have a responsibility to maintain and repair rental properties, and some pet friendly rentals are more expensive to maintain. Are happy to contribute towards any increase in maintenance costs of their pet friendly rental home.


  • ·         Are committed to keeping their rental home clean and in good repair, and take responsibility for any damage caused by themselves or their pets during a tenancy


  • ·         Prevent their pets from becoming a nuisance to other people, animals and the environment. Mindful of proper waste disposal, noise, and not their pets stray.


  • ·         Practice responsible pet ownership (desexing, vaccinations/proof of immunity to common infectious disease, worming, flea prevention, microchipping, training, regular veterinary/health checkups, pet insurance).





Rent With Pets is ideal for landlords and property managers who:


  • ·         Desire more choices/flexibility in rental property advertising.


  •       Want a competitive advantage over other rental properties.


  • ·         Like a larger tenant base from which to choose a responsible tenant.


  • ·         Like long term, loyal tenants.


  • ·         Want to achieve better yields/cashflow from their property investments. 


  • ·         Understand that Australia is a nation of animal lovers and pets are important members of the family.


  • ·         Happy (but are not obligated) to consider responsible pet owners and their pets as tenants.


  • ·         Are interested in screening for responsible pet owner tenants that take good care of their property.


  • ·         Prefer that their tenants fully disclose details of their pets rather than be mislead about having pets on a lease.


  • ·         Like to keep their tenants (customers) happy, interested in their tenants' needs, and do their best to offer products and services that appeal to their tenants (for a fair price).


  • ·         Like to find out what potential tenants are looking for before putting a rental property on the market.  Interested in monitoring market trends about what property features tenants like, where they like to rent, and what price ranges they are interested in.