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Sustainably Responsible Business

Rent With Pets is a Sustainably Responsible Business


A sustainably responsible business strives to have a positive impact on the environment and community.  It develops and practices business strategies that go beyond regulation and demonstrates a commitment to a healthy and sustainable future.  A responsible and sustainable business adopts principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for its customers and stakeholders.


At Rent With Pets we strongly believe in taking care of planet so that our customers (and most importantly the animals) have clean and healthy environments to live in.


What sustainable management practices does Rent With Pets use in our business?


  • ·         Solar panels on the roof of Rent With Pets’ premises generate  solar electricity.  This helps reduce utility sourced electricity.


  • ·         We use public transport and a car sharing service to get around.


  • ·         We encourage our team and contractors to use home offices as much as possible to reduce commuting.  We utilize communication technology to reduce the need for travelling to business meetings. 


  • ·         We actively reduce the use of paper at our office. We print/write on both sides of paper, and recycle the paper that is no longer usable. 


  • ·         We issue invoices and receipts to our customers electronically to minimize the use of paper.  Customers that wish to have a hard copy of invoices and receipts are of course welcome to print them out themselves. 


  • ·         Where possible, we choose to buy office products with minimal packaging.


  • ·         We use all available recycle channels to reduce waste.  All paper, plastic, product packaging, metals, batteries, and light bulbs are dropped off for recycling.


  • ·         We strive to produce as little electronic waste as possible.  Electronic equipment that are no longer appropriate for our use are either sent off to our council’s electronic recycling service, given away to somebody else that can use them, or sold for parts.


  • ·         Where possible we uses rechargeable batteries for our electronic devices.


  • ·         We use low wattage light bulbs to light our premises.


  • ·         Most of our office furniture is second hand, or made from other recycled furniture.


  • ·         The majority of our advertising and promotion is through electroic media or  word of mouth (we  value your referrals) rather than print advertising.


  • ·         Our office cats are strictly indoors and use recycled newspaper litter.


Rent With Pets would like to invite our customers, friends and associates to join us in creating a sustainable environment for the future of our children and animals.  Any ideas or suggestions about sustainable business practice are most welcome.