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Our Difference

How is Rent With Pets different from other pet friendly rental property websites?


Features and Benefits of listing my rental property on Rent With Pets




Rent With Pets is an innovative new website for advertising rental properties that gives users more choice.  Our service was designed with the needs of responsible pet owners and pet friendly landlords in mind.  We help property owners and managers afford to accept tenants that share their love for pets, choose pet loving tenants that appreciate pet friendly landlords and are also responsible about looking after rental properties


Rent With Pets is a robust and searchable rental property listings website. All our property listings are fully featured, designed to help landlords and property mangers select for responsible pet owners with animals suitable for their properties. We are more than just a "pet friendly" tick box or search tool that filters pet friendly properties on real estate websites.  Rent With Pets has identified common obstacles faced by some landlords and property managers when considering pets and taken steps to address them. We actively encourage landlords and property managers to consider pets in rental properties, and provide some unique tools to help property managers do so.




Current vacant properties

Many tenants complain about the frustration of phoning managers about a property advertised online, only to find out that it was leased months ago!  Phone calls about outdated listings are a waste of time for tenants and property managers alike. Rent With Pets take steps to keep our property listings current.  All our property listings automatically expire after 30 days, unless we get written confirmation that a property is still available.  Property managers and landlords have the option of removing leased properties from our website altogether, or updating a property's status from "available" to "leased". 


Please help us keep our listings current. If you happen to come across an advertised property on our website that is no longer available, please feel free to contact us so that we can update the property's status.




Our property search results display only properties available for rent, which is what your tenants are looking for. There are no "property wanted" ads pushing your listing to the bottom of the page. When you list your property on Rent With Pets it gets great exposure.


Flexible pricing of pet friendly rental properties

We recognize that some pet friendly landlords have concerns about the cost of  maintenance when pets occupy their investment properties, and give them legal options to recover the cost in a rental price differential (and a higher rental bond).  Passing on the extra maintenance cost of pet occupancy, helps landlords afford to accept pets rental properties, and is much better than refusing to accepting pets at all.


Rent With Pets has the capability for rental properties to be advertised with price differentials to appeal to a wider tenant base, many of whom would not consider certain properties unless pets are considered.  We put responsible pet owners on a more level playing field when competing with other (non-pet owning) tenants for rental properties.  The more tenants your property appeals to, the more chances you have of finding a good tenant that will take care of your investment property. Property investors do not have to miss out on a responsible tenant that chooses not to consider your property just because they choose to live with pets.



We also recognize that some properties are more suitable for certain pets than others, and we give pet friendly landlords the tools to communicate this crucial information to potential tenants.


Tenant surveys

We are happy to share landlords exactly what our responsible pet owner tenants are looking for. This helps landlords supply properties to meet the current demand.


Responsible Pet Ownership

Rent With Pets encourages responsible pet ownership, and helps pet owners learn how to take good care of animals.   Responsible pet ownership also helps tenants increase the chances of renting a pet friendly property.  Animals that are kept responsibly are happier and healthier animals.  Many of our tenants either work in the veterinary industry; or are referred by veterinary practices, pet trainers, and groomers that teach their clients about responsible pet ownership.



We encourage open communication between landlords and tenants about pets living in rental properties.  We recognize that every rental property is different, and not every property is suitable for every tenant. Rent With Pets has tools to help landlords set guidelines about what types of animals are considered suitable tenants for a particular property. We believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to renting, so that there are no surprises for either tenants or landlords.


Advertising reach

All pet friendly properties advertised on Rent With Pets are shared on our facebook  and twitter pages. We use powerful social media to help advertisers reach more potential tenants.