Connecting Responsible Pet Owners
with Pet Friendly Landlords and Property Managers

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Is your pet a good tenant?  Tips for rental friendly pets



Breeds which are suitable for most living arrangements will make it easier for you to find a rental property. This is particularly important if you are living in a unit or apartment. The most suitable pets are small to medium size, non-shedding, quiet, and responsiveness to obedience training.


Obedience and socialization

Rent With Pets recommends obedience training for dogs. Well behaved, house-trained and well socialized pets are great tenants. Pets that get along well with neighbours act as social catalysts in the neighbourhoos, and will keep your tenancy hassle free.


We have a directory of pet trainers and behaviourists who can help you with your pet's obedience and behaviour problems

Responsible pet ownership

Rent With Pets encourages responsible pet ownership. Regular visits to the veterinarian and groomer can show that you’re a responsible pet owner. Are you pets microchipped and desexed? Do they have pet insurance? Keep all documents to show your potential landlord that you look after your pet responsibly, just as you will look after their property.


Preventative health

Regular worming, flea and tick prevention help to keep your home (and your pets) free of parasites. Keep the receipts to show to your potential landlord if necessary.

Eliminate inappropriate urination and defecation by keeping your pets healthy and stress-free