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Pet Rescue/Animal Welfare/Charities

If you have found a pet friendly rental property and want to share your life with animals, please consider adopting from a pet rescue organization.  Animals adopted from charities are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, and often desexed (or come with a desexing voucher). A desexed pet adopted from a pound or shelter is cheaper to register. You will be saving a life, and receive lots of tips on how to look after your new pet responsibly.


Cat Rescue

Cat Protection Society /

Animal Welfare League

Maggie's Rescue

National Desexing Network

Pets in the Park

Animals Australia 

Animal Welfare League Australia

Animal Law

Enlightenment for animals

Rent With Pets will donate 10% of our monthly revenue from pet friendly rental property listings to charities that improve the lives of animals.  Each month we will pick a different charity by popular vote on our facebook page.  Please go to our facebook page to nominate and vote for your favourite animal charity.