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Useful Resources, Business Directory

Useful resources and business directory

Rent With Pets Useful Resources

Legal information

Residential Tenancies Act NSW


Strata laws by state


Animal Law


Useful Information

Australian Companion Animal Council guide for landlords and property managers


Australian Companion Animal Council - a guide for tenants renting with pets


RSPCA pets and properties


Financial rewards for pet friendly stratas



Pet applications and rental agreements



Australian Companion Animal  Council


Psychology and counselling for pet loss and grief. Animal Assisted Therapy

Pawsitive Psych Solutions


Pet Loss Support 

People and Pets Michael O'Donoghue


Pet owner demographics



Residential property manager magagazine



Business Directory

Pet Behaviour and Training

Rent With Pets pet behaviour and trainer directory


Feliway - pheromone to decrease the stress of moving cats


Adaptil - pheromone to decrease the stress of moving for dogs


Husher - Stop your dog from barking humanely



Real Estate Photography


Mortgage Brokers


Moving companies


Furniture and appliance rental