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Pet Friendly Renovations

Pet Friendly Renovations


What are the benefits of pet friendly renovations?



With over 60% of tenants interested in pet friendly rental accommodation, there are many reasons for savvy property investors to take advantage of this demand.  Not only can accommodating pets double your pool of potential tenants, tenant turnover is also much lower. 



Do pet friendly renovations make financial sense?

Strategic renovations to upgrade your property to a better quality can directly increase the valuation of your property. There are depreciation benefits of renovating your investment property. Many Rent With Pets tenants are happy to pay a premium for properties renovated to suit their pets, and higher rent can increase the value of your rental property.



Property maintenance cost is the most common reason landlords give to Rent With Pets about why some pet loving landlords are reluctant to accept tenants with pets.  Repairs to property damage caused by pets may cost over a thousand dollars. Carpets and gardens are areas of concern for many landlords. However a few low maintenance and relatively cheap renovations can greatly reduce, or even eliminate the potential damage that animals can cause to rental properties. Luckily pets don’t smoke, throw balls on windows or punch holes in walls so it is much easier to pet proof a home than to protect it against human damage.


Jane Stewart from Tradebusters offers great advice for simple, pet friendly renovations that are suitable for most rental properties.


If you’re interested in a fun, luxurious  renovation project to create a haven that cats would never want to leave, check out this page for some inspiration.